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How Chiropractic Care Speeds Up Auto Injury Recovery

An auto accident can happen in an instant and make you feel like your life will never be the same again. One minute you are driving down the road, and the next, an accident happens and you suffer an injury.

Can You Get Your Brain Adjusted?

Mental health issues and mood disorders specifically are a concern in San Diego County. An estimated 5 percent of San Diegans are living with serious mental illness. The number rises to 8 percent among low-income households.

Does Y Strap Help With Headaches?

Being able to think calmly and clearly is important. It allows people to process emotions, make smart decisions, and perform daily activities more efficiently. However, a headache can easily destroy that clarity. Everyone experiences occasional headaches. But when frequent headaches affect your ability to function well or even sleep, it can affect the quality of your life.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain

The National Institute of Health estimates that over 40 percent of people suffer from sciatica. It is a common condition that resolves on its own in mild cases. But if it does not, it can result in muscle weakness and chronic pain.

What Are the Benefits of Spinal Decompression Therapy?

If you have had a problem with your back following surgery or an injury, spinal decompression therapy could be the solution for you. Spinal decompression therapy is a traction treatment that is both safe and non-invasive. This therapy works towards alleviating back-related problems. 

Normal Massage Therapy vs. Jade Massage Therapy

A massage is a form of therapy where a patient’s body is taken through rubbing and kneading to ease tense muscles and relax the individual. The therapist uses his or her hands to apply pressure to the patient’s joints and muscles. This is in an effort to ease pain and tension. There are different types of massage, and they focus on different parts of the patient’s body. 

Find Out Once And For All Whether Posture Correctors Really Work

One of the most common questions that I get from patients is “should I use a posture corrector?” Between spending long hours sitting in front of a computer, hours every day hunched over your phone, and driving long distances, most people’s postures are something that should be corrected. Managing to fit some spinal stretches and workouts a few days a week is great, but it usually isn’t enough to straighten out your spine when it’s only a fraction of your time compared to all the time you spent hunched over.

Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

Including a massage in your health and wellness routine is of great benefit. There is something special about the professional physical touch to bring about healing and relaxation. As you seek to undertake massage therapy, it is a good idea to know just how beneficial it is.

The Best At Home Exercises to Strengthen Your Low Back

Remote work and stay at home orders over the last year and a half have made many people 's backs weaker, tenser, and stiffer. That’s why it’s so important to do low back exercises at home to strengthen your lumbar spine in an effort to prevent or address overuse injuries. Having a stronger spine provides more support for any load placed on your spine while both walking and sitting, as well as working out.

How Does Text Neck Cause Pain?

Text neck is a term that describes overuse syndrome or a repetitive stress injury in the neck. The condition is a result of excessive mobile device use that causes the head to be bent downward. Text neck is usually due to texting, but it can also result from other phone and tablet activities. Looking downward while using a mobile device to work, play games or surf the web can result in text neck.  

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