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The Best At Home Exercises to Strengthen Your Low Back

Remote work and stay at home orders over the last year and a half have made many people 's backs weaker, tenser, and stiffer. That’s why it’s so important to do low back exercises at home to strengthen your lumbar spine in an effort to prevent or address overuse injuries. Having a stronger spine provides more support for any load placed on your spine while both walking and sitting, as well as working out.

How Does Text Neck Cause Pain?

Text neck is a term that describes overuse syndrome or a repetitive stress injury in the neck. The condition is a result of excessive mobile device use that causes the head to be bent downward. Text neck is usually due to texting, but it can also result from other phone and tablet activities. Looking downward while using a mobile device to work, play games or surf the web can result in text neck.  

Signs You May Need a Y-strap Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is a form of therapy that involves spinal manipulation. It is suitable for use in specific areas of the body to provide relief for several symptoms. Adjustments offer many health benefits. These include reduced pain, improved performance, and general body health. 

Can You Really Prevent The #1 Cause Of Death… With A Smile?

There was research reported in the BBC News April 18, 2005 that says levels of the stress hormone cortisol which is linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and autoimmune disease was found to be 32% LOWER in people who reported more happy moments during the day.

Is Y-Strap Adjustment Safe?

Y-axis traction strap adjustment tool has recently been taking the internet by storm. It’s a spinal adjustment that uses a secure strap around your skull to achieve spinal decompression. The band is attached to a bar that your chiropractor pulls to stretch your back. This way, they can release pressure from the vertebrae along your spine. Like any chiropractic technique, Y-strap is safe but with a caveat. Only a licensed, skilled chiropractor performs this type of spinal adjustment.

How a Y-Strap Adjustment Can Benefit You

Chiropractic therapy has been around for ages. Strap adjustment, however, is a relatively recent treatment that is becoming more popular. Consider the social media platforms that are capitalizing on the use of this therapy using videos. The mechanism behind y-strap adjustments looks quite unique. Before undergoing this type of adjustment, however, you should understand how it works.

All That Sitting Isn't Doing Your Spine Any Favors. Here's a Simple Guide to Touching Your Toes

All That Sitting Isn't Doing Your Spine Any Favors. Here's a Simple Guide to Touching Your Toes

9 best stretches to improve flexibility and help recovery at home

Stretching helps to maintain and improve our range of motion, as well as lengthening muscles and preventing them from becoming too tight. Here’s a few things to remember before stretching.

What Age Do You Look and Feel?

I had a patient come to my office a few weeks ago. He walked and looked like an unhealthy 70 year old. A very unhealthy 70 year old. Skin looked rough like he’s been smoking for decades. A big gut that looked like he swallowed a large bag of cement.


Even after you have experienced the benefits of chiropractic care, it is important for you to continue practicing safe and healthy habits so that you can stay on the move—whether lifting, working, playing, or simply doing routine daily activities.

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