Patient Portal Guide

First Time? Set Up Your Account

Happy Head Chiropractic makes it ridiculously easy for patients to book their own appointments online.

All new patients can create a new account on your clinic's online booking site to get started. In the video below, we go over how to create a new account and book an appointment as a new patient.

Set Up Family Members

When you create a profile online, we'll ask you if you will use the account to book for family members.

Fill out the Family member's relationship to you, as well as the family member's first name, last name, and email.

We give you the option to grant family member's permission to use your credit card(s) on file. Other available permissions you can grant to family members are:
  • Allow family members to use your credit cards on file.

  • Share a copy of your receipts, statements, and financial emails.

  • Share a copy of your email notifications and reminders.

  • Manage your online bookings and complete your intake forms.

  • Publish your appointments for your family member's calendar subscriptions.

Please note that allowing a family member to use payment methods on file will apply to all current and future payment methods added to the granting patient's profile.

If you would like to add some more family profiles, you can click the Add Another Family Member button.

Once you've added all of your family members, you can press Continue to start booking some appointments for the family.

Booking an Appointment For a Family Member

When you book an appointment, we'll list all family members (including yourself) in the drop down menu.

My Account Portal

Once you've set up your account, you have access to a My Account portal area.

  • Manage upcoming appointments

  • View appointment history

  • Fill out Intake Forms

  • Receive Documents from the Clinic

  • Update Contact Info

  • Update Username/Password

  • Link Google, Facebook & Twitter

  • Add Family Members & Relationships

  • Manage your Reminder Preferences

  • Store Credit Cards on File

Upcoming Appointments

Patients can view and manage their upcoming appointments. Additionally, view all your past treatment history here.

Subscribe to Your Calendar

You can link your Happy Head Chiropractic appointments to your personal calendar. Here's how:
  • Login to your account

  • Under Upcoming Appointments, there's a button called Subscribe to your Calendar. Click it.

  • Now you'll have 3 options for subscribing: 1) Subscribe from this device 2) Click the Google Calendar or Outlook buttons to subscribe to those apps, or 3) manually add the link provided to your calendar app.

Now when you book, the appointment will automatically show up in your personal calendar. Nice.

Intake Forms

If there are eligible forms to be completed, they will be available here.


Happy Head Chiropractic can share chart entries, exercise programs, progress reports, treatment plans, and more that will appear in the Patient Portal.

Intake Forms

If there are eligible forms to be completed, they will be available here.

Contact Info

You can update your email, phone number, and address here. Also, select to Opt-In to receive health updates, news and special promotions from the Chiropractor by email!

Credit Cards on File

Patients can add a credit card on file from their My Account area. You'll need to provide - Credit Card number - Expiration date - CVC number - Address associated with the credit card. HSA/FSA cards are accepted.

To remove an existing credit card, please contact Happy Head Chiropractic at

Pay Balances Online

Settle any outstanding balances online without coming into the clinic (no email required)! Patient's can pay the full private outstanding amount by credit card. You'll get the option to Print or Save your receipt as a PDF.


Patients can update their username and password and also to view all of their current active sessions. This means the devices and browsers on which they've signed in.

Google, Facebook & Twitter

Link all three and skip the hassle of remembering new login details!

You're all set! If you need assistance, just reach out to
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