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Happy Head Chiropractic in San Diego, the Perfect Combination of Wellness and Comfort

More than one of our San Diego patients have told us that they think of us as their happy place because we're unlike most chiropractic practices. We're affordable. After all, at how many other chiropractic offices can you get a consultation and spinal manipulation for only $59 dollars? Those in need of massage therapy are dumbfounded when they learn that our massage therapy costs as little as $49 for a full hour of Asian style massage.


Chiropractic Adjustments and Massage Therapy, the Perfect Combination of Hard and Soft

A chiropractor treats the hard tissues of the body, the vertebrae and spinal joints. The massage therapist concentrates on the soft tissues, like the muscles, fascia, and connective tissue. By combining both hard and soft tissue treatment, your healing plan can bring about a faster recovery while maximizing your relaxation and comfort.

Quite often, a chiropractor will ask a patient to schedule a massage therapy session and a spinal manipulation on the same day with the massage preceding the manipulation. This is because a massage not only leaves the patient feeling more relaxed, but also loosens up the body. This allows a chiropractor to better manipulate the joints and spine, which in turn creates more lasting results and a quicker overall recovery time.

What Is Asian Style Massage?

Asian Massage is a treatment with a long cultural and medical history. It's a therapy that has been used for thousands of years, following in the traditions of Asian medicine by delivering touch therapy combined with a specific purpose. It pairs well with chiropractic treatment since it calls for the application of pressure to specific points of the body with the intention of clearing out lines of energy. In some cases, the therapy embraces the use of yoga moves to stretch the body, further freeing up energy.

Other benefits of Asian style massage therapy include improved circulation, stress reduction, and increased flexibility, so it's a no brainer that having this type of massage prior to a chiropractic adjustment can only make it better.

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Chiropractic Techniques: The Other Half of the Therapy Equation

Most of our San Diego patients schedule a spinal manipulation. This consists of applying a gentle force, delivered either with the chiropractor's hand or a small instrument, to adjust a spinal joint and relieve pressure that is causing the pain. Others need spinal decompression therapy, which is a technique that involves stretching a spine that has been compressed either by bulging disc material, a herniated disc, or some other form of degenerative disc disease.

Where You Can Find This Type of Treatment in San Diego

Happy Head Chiropractic and Massage is convenient to those living or working in the greater San Diego area. Sports fans can easily find us since we're not far from the Sports Arena in Point Loma. We proudly serve the Mission Beach, Point Loma, Midway District, and Pacific Beach communities in San Diego, CA. Whether you're in pain, looking for a massage, or a wellness tune-up, give us a call and let our chiropractor take a look. You'll be happy you did. Call (619) 630-9153, or schedule a massage appointment online!

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